How to make pillows out of placemats! 

Hello.  Today I’m sharing a simple tutorial on how to make lumbar/decorative pillows, using placemats. Yes, placemats you use on your dining room table.  I have a couple samples here to show you too!

First, you want to go out and buy some cute placemats! My favorite stores to shop for placemats are Walmart (believe it or not), At Home, Pier 1, even Marshalls! At Home store has great prices on packs of mats and they have a huge variety to choose from. Below is the placemat I’m using today.  I got a pack of four from Marshalls. 

Next, I unstitched about 5 inches of the seam.  This is so that we can stuff the placemat with cotton. Cotton can be purchased at Walmart, it’s relatively inexpensive.  When purchasing your mat please make sure it has a front and back. (two materials sewn together). This will not work if you have one solid material or the back does not separate from the front material. You have to make sure you can open this up and stuff cotton through. Also, make sure the backing is good material.  Not see through.  -some little helpful tips there.

Unstitch from one corner.  Then stuff the cotton in. Puff the pillow out so that the cotton is evenly distributed. Make sure to get the cotton into those corners!


Finally, sew the mat together.  I’ve heard people use fabric glue and velcro…..well, I tried the  glue.. it did not work for me. I’m not sure about velcro either. The best thing is good old fashion stitching, which can either be done by hand or machine. I used my machine, it’s faster.

And here you go.  The results! How cute are these??

Here is another set I made using placemats. I forgot where I got these from.  Same idea, same steps, beautiful little pillows.

I hope you enjoyed this quick lesson today. Let me know if you have any questions.


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